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About Us

You are a business owner that has built an outstanding company - and are looking to pass the torch and prepare for the next chapter in your life. Be it for retirement, pursuing other interests, spending more time with neglected family - or to cash out and live off a beach in Mexico.

We are entrepreneurs and big-business advisors - who are looking for an incredible company to acquire, operate and take to the next level. We are friendly buyers who are looking to provide you with a smooth transition and ensure your employees and clients are taken care of.

If this sounds interesting so far, we could be the right buyers for you. Provide your e-mail and we will reach out within 24 hours to schedule an initial, confidential call. All interactions will be held strictly confidential.

Our Investment Criteria

We look for companies located in North America that fit the following

  • Revenues between $5M- $30M (or > $2M ARR for software companies)
  • Pre-tax profits of between $1M & $5M
  • Historical, stable sales growth (3+ years)
  • Recurring or predictable revenue
Business and Industry
  • Fragmented Industry
  • Simple business model
  • A well defined "why customers choose you"
Company and ownership
  • Owner intending to sell (and willing to stay during a 1 year transition period)
  • Strong middle management in place

Target sectors

Vertical search (specific industries)

Human Resources

Horizontal search (across industries)

Technology / SaaS platforms
Retiring Business Owners

Purchase Process

Total time for the process is 3 - 5 months (depending on how fast seller shares materials)

1. Initial, Confidential Chat

We have an initial, confidential chat about your company and your future plans.

2. Non-Disclosure Agreement

We sign a Non-Disclosure Agreement with you.

3. Initial Review

We request a few quick documents from you – usually your financial statements (last 3 years, Income Statement and Balance Sheet) along with your Corporate Tax Return.

4. First Meeting & Valuation Discussion

We meet with you (in-person or virtual due to COVID-19) to discuss potential valuation (how it works), align expectations, and assess mutual fit - along with discussing the company further.

5. Joint Due Diligence Process

We send you a Letter of Intent to purchase and begin conducting the due diligence process with you. We will validate company's financial performance, customers and legal documentation. We will also identify risks and opportunities and how it impacts valuation in a manner that is fair and creates a win-win situation for both.

6. Closing the Deal and Transitioning

We engage lawyers to close the deal and work on post-acquisition process (transition planning with owner, communication strategy with employees and clients, growth plan for the next evolution, etc.)

Why Sell to Us

Fair Price

We are not here to low-ball or "look for a deal", we will offer you a fair price for your business based on industry metrics.

We care

We are friendly - and we have been in your shoes before. We know how much passion went into your business and how hard it might be to let go of your "baby". We will strive to work with you and be flexible with your terms. We will also strive to take care of your employees as much as you did.

We are ready (we won't waste your time)

We aren't window shopping - we are serious. We know what we are looking for - and we reached out to YOU because we think you meet that criteria.


Bay Street Capital Investments is an investment fund that brings together experienced operators, entrepreneurs and investors with a goal of identifying, acquiring, and growing established small to medium-sized companies in North America.

Ali Badruddin founded Bay Street Capital Investments. Previously, he spent over 10+ years in management consulting - and has advised executives of major Canadian corporations and government entities with strategy, growth and investment decisions.

Prior to that, Ali was also a small business owner and entrepreneur. He founded Campus Vibez, a start-up in the education space that helped high school students pick universities and colleges based on their own unique, personalized criteria. The platform was used in 100+ high schools, universities, and colleges across Canada. Ali sold Campus Vibez to one of the most prominent companies in the space.

Ali enjoys watching history docs, travelling across Europe (visited 32 countries and counting), meditating and playing soccer. Ali graduated with a BBA from the Schulich School of Business at York University in 2009, and currently lives in Toronto, Canada.

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Bay Street Capital Investments
88 Harbour Street. Suite 5203
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